How do the Detroit Lions stack up for the Super Bowl?

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ST. PAUL, Minnesota — Former Denver Broncos defensive star Broncos linebacker Marvin Harrison is set to play on the opposing sidelines when his hometown team hosts the Detroit Lions on Saturday.

Fans will be on tenterhooks watching whether the Lions can pose a threat in the Super Bowl rematch and what response he’ll bring to the Lions’ defense.

Harrison, 40, and the Broncos won Super Bowl XXXII — three years after he was named an NFL Most Valuable Player after his Pro Bowl performance in Super Bowl XXXV. This time, Harrison will be up against his son, who is a rookie safety for the Lions.

But before that, the Lions beat the Indianapolis Colts 23-9 last week — the franchise’s first road win in that style since 1970.

On Tuesday, media day was even more cagey than usual, with questions on fantasy football and marijuana being of the highest order.

Here’s the breakdown on how Detroit was holding up to Super Bowl expectations:

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