25 best bars in the world

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This post was originally published on March 27, 2020

Hip, haute and charming. That’s what the readers at travel website Smarter Travel have been saying about the 25 best bars in the world for 2021.

Now in its 13th year, the Hot List is a compilation of the best bars in the world. It includes 20 in the United States, with one apiece in Canada, Britain, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, France, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Croatia, Ireland, Poland, Costa Rica, Hungary, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Vietnam, Hungary, Greece, Lebanon, Pakistan, Mexico, Tunisia, Mexico, South Africa, Iran, Thailand, Russia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Portugal, India, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, China, South Korea, Bulgaria, Belgium, Estonia, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Ireland, South Africa, Kenya, Britain, Bulgaria, Ireland, Russia, India, Canada, Poland, South Africa, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, South Africa, Finland, United States, Ireland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Portugal, Turkey, Turkey, United States of America, Nigeria, Thailand, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Angola, Japan, Russia, Russia, USA, United Kingdom, South Africa, South Africa, Sweden, Austria, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Egypt, Russia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Taiwan, Jordan, Morocco, Peru, Russia, Iran, Netherlands, Russia, Australia, Denmark, Jordan, Peru, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Finland, Canada, Canada, Sweden, Brazil, Sweden, Canada, Mauritius, Ecuador, Panama, Israel, South Africa, Switzerland, Norway, Dominican Republic, Chile, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Peru, Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Chile, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Japan, Armenia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Peru, USA, Mexico, United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Romania, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Hong Kong, Chile, Israel, Ireland, Lebanon, Montenegro, Angola, Argentina, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Netherlands, United Kingdom, China, Japan, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Greece, China, Sri Lanka, India, Belarus, Peru, Russia, South Africa, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Colombia, South Africa, Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, UAE, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Singapore, Lebanon, Greece, Bangladesh, Denmark, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Belgium, Taiwan, Hungary, Japan, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Thailand, Sweden, France, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Belgium, Finland, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, The Netherlands, Brazil, Norway, Estonia, Philippines, Algeria, South Africa, South Africa, Peru, Poland, France, Turkey, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Angola, Slovakia, Hungary, France, China, Lithuania, India, Peru, South Africa, Peru, the Netherlands, France, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Iran, Poland, the Republic of Korea, Finland, Panama, India, Turkey, Russia, Portugal, Turkey, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Belgium, Germany, India, United States, Serbia, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Belgium, Italy, Pakistan, South Africa, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Iran, Tajikistan, Moldova, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Hungary, Turkey, Japan, France, Lithuania, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, UK, Lebanon, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, France, Ukraine, Japan, Serbia, Slovenia, Canada, Russia, Italy, Hungary, Malaysia, Portugal, India, Japan, Egypt, Bolivia, Chile, Turkey, Philippines, Spain, Iraq, Japan, the Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, Japan, France, Thailand, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, Romania, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, China, India, China, Malaysia, Japan, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Japan, Mongolia, Italy, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, India, Philippines, Thailand

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