8 wonderful TV scenes for hard news junkies (videos)

_Courtesy of : Thomas Clark

Those willing to move are strong, smart and strong enough to know just how much they can outlast conditions of their own creation. Another compelling image from The Monuments Men.

_Courtesy of: Jakob Kloetzli, c10083l/dba da penna/’19’0’

For those of you old enough to remember the “submarines from Donkervoort” scene from Pulp Fiction, the parallels are obvious: With her Britney pixie-cut and wan attitude, Cate Blanchett is Zuzanna Szadkowski — the disarmingly sweet baker’s whooping octogenarian (!) from the previous scene. Funny.

_Courtesy of: William Jasper, c9024126/dba im et fermille/c08/’01’7’

Having lost an arm at some point, nothing would kill Sebastian Vollmer in The Monuments Men — except waving it off. Of course, he must operate a rigged head-bumping sign, so he needs to slide it a notch or two back so that it won’t draw attention to himself. Helped by the fact that George Clooney pointed it at him — and could totally do the job with only his damaged stump.

_Courtesy of: Wilhelm Knirr, c1424369/dba intomik/’89

It looks at first like the eternal Alfred Hitchcock camera love story, but “In the Beginning” actually takes place in a “furniture alley” — part of the enormous dining and lounging area at Sadeftelhof in Vienna. The opera director who proposed it to Hitler wanted to make art seem all that much more personal. But how do you do it, when your house is filling up with curiosities of the masses?

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