Travel restrictions on RHI scheme staff

The Serious Fraud Office has today issued fresh travel restrictions for members of the RHI scheme’s senior management after an investigation found evidence of money laundering, fraud and false accounting.

The remaining senior figures can travel only from London, two days a week, to Milton Keynes.

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At the heart of the complaint is the fact the former management team at Hampshire Enterprise Limited (HEL) owned part of the firm behind an energy mutual.

But part of the funding of the energy firm came from the money raised from the homes of pensioners who would have lived longer if they were putting money into the scheme.

So far 75 of the scheme’s 200 staff members have been informed of the new restrictions.

An SFO spokesperson said:

“We are continuing to investigate whether any offence has been committed.

“HEL Group had a licence to provide energy through the scheme, which is subject to applicable duty of care duties.

“HEL Group also operated a Financial Services Regulator application, under which it received funding.

“Although we cannot comment on specific aspects of the investigation, it is our role to seek to protect the public interest and we are doing so in this case.”

A statement on the website of the trust’s management said:

“The sudden departure of one or more senior management team members of the company has, understandably, created uncertainty for our agency staff. The trust reserves its full support to The RHI, and will be providing all necessary resources to the agency staff.

“No staff, client or member of the community is missing out. We will, however, be able to report further developments and news as and when they become available.”

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