No slowing down: ‘Hungry people’ signs left in Toronto streets

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There are a lot of signs around London warning motorists to remember and follow the speed limit, but none more irritating than the new signs painted on a street in Toronto.

A website called Toronto Traffic Watch picked up on the signs and posted images of the signs Thursday.

They were sitting on Nana/Kingsland Drive in Toronto and showed up to annoy drivers.

The signs – which were apparently painted on the same street a couple months ago – read:

“Cannot view for picture removal,” and other similar messages as well.

The signs are problematic for London drivers, too.

A sign posted on Broughdale Avenue by the Circle Drive exit from the Gardiner Expressway shows what was once was:

Now a new sign warns drivers about “lethargic slow moving” vehicles.

The signs, however, aren’t necessarily causing headaches for everyone.

Tony Horsley of Harvey’s Lexus tells our Dan Janisse, “It goes along with keeping your speed limit and not being an idiot. I noticed a lot of drivers taking advantage of that.”

A full stretch of Nana has also been painted with similar signs.

If you happened to spot these signs, contact the City of Toronto Traffic Bureau and report them to 311.

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