How to get prime exposure for your business

Gizzi Erskine

Be In Charge of Your Space.

“If you want to be on TV, and so many people do, take control of your space. You don’t have to go to the office, don’t have to work in a cube or in a rectangle or in a rectangle-shaped office. I worked in a certain sort of personal sort of studio-type office. I could have my laptop and my clipboard in my hand, and I’d still be on TV.

Now you can do more in a studio. You don’t have to book studio space. It’s a great replacement for the studio you’d get when you were 11-years-old and had to sit in front of a screen. Of course, if you want to, you can bring your laptop, you can have it there. The drama is being there with the person you are working with as a team, a team of people. I love that for my business.

Also, just because your network say they are going out for lunch… you can be there after that [or] start at 8am and be there till 11.30pm. Or if you have some time during the day where you want to play with the kids, I work with a company that goes out to do country walks. And the kids are also able to come out and join the team, which is a bit different to watching television or a game of pool or something like that. You can be your own boss for all of those things.”

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