Facebook’s public vs private data: reactions to the leaked news feed

Just hours after the New York Times leaked a top secret Facebook internal document, hundreds of millions of Facebook users could still be without the news they wanted.

What the leaked Facebook document shows

Facebook Senior Manager: “So the secret to cleaning the News Feed is this: EVERY TIME we clean it, the majority of stories and videos are restored to the feed – we remove what we think is *content*** that belongs there.

“The emotional majority will remain in the feed, our goal is the social majority.”

Facebook User: “For how many people have you seen it since the last cleaning?”

Facebook: “I think it’s been nearly six hours since it was removed… During the next two weeks we’ll get rid of anywhere from about 10% to almost 50% of stories and videos on your timeline – an entire episode of Modern Family will be among the things that will remain.

“There’s nothing in the post itself that warrants removal, but it’s the emotional majority of things in your feed.”

Below you can find a “tweetstorm” of reactions from angry Facebook users with screenshots of how long their favourite posts (and other “organic” content) were in their feeds before being removed by Facebook.

Facebook is against censorship, but it’s also anti-sentiment

Here’s what a Facebook spokesperson told us about our questions:

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