This is how to handle COVID problems

Still recovering from H1N1? It’s not too late to get COVID. Here’s advice from the CMHC for families coping with this winter’s COVID epidemics. (H/T Colin Campbell for digging this out.)

Read our piece about the insurance woes of families whose COVID vaccines have failed. Here’s the conclusion from CMHC’s director of child and family services Heather Hill.

“Carried to their conclusion, these questions would suggest that with a significant enough demand and not enough suppliers on the market, there may be serious concerns about delaying an enhanced offer. The natural question that arises from these comments is ‘why don’t we make it available to more families when the need is greatest?’ and ‘Why are we not meeting the needs of more families that need to be protected?’”

Let’s accept the wisdom of the days of yore and ramp up COVID production like we did in August, September and October of 2009. Is there the political will? We could start with the provincial government.

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