Last Seen in Palestine, WAR HERO Vehicle Worth Nearly $50,000 Caught Up in Car Thefts

TORONTO, Canada – A respected 43-year-old humanitarian worker, who has fought tooth and nail for Syria’s war victims, had a setback in his pursuit for justice when his car, stolen from his Toronto driveway more than a year ago, was tracked by his SIM card to a marine transport company in Halifax.

According to the Toronto Star, stranded American Kevin Donovan found out on Friday that his car had been stolen from his driveway and was then transferred to a commercial vehicle bound for Lebanon.

Stefan Petrov, the Iraq-born owner of Optum Marine Group, in Halifax, said the car was brought into his terminal by the Polish navy after stopping in a coastal port close to Halifax.

The Star report says that Poland’s foreign ministry confirmed that its forces were involved in transporting Donovan’s vehicle to Lebanon via Greece. Polish authorities are currently investigating the theft of the vehicle in Lebanon to determine if it was stolen from somewhere in Europe.

“No red flags were raised before our vessel carried out the port call. No security was enforced on the vessel, and no fees for services were paid. We simply transferred the vehicle,” Petrov said.

Donovan, a father of two from Long Beach, Calif., had attempted to locate his stolen car in Gaza, Lebanon, Beirut, and Cyprus, taking to Twitter to plead for help finding his BMW 520 in the ensuing period.

In February, Donovan entered Canada as a refugee, while helping to renovate a mosque for a settlement for Syrian refugees in west Toronto. He was placed into government temporary housing and forced to turn down other overseas humanitarian work because he was unable to travel and get to the places where aid was needed.

There was a smattering of comments on social media calling him a sellout, and even negative ones on government websites, accusing him of endangering Syrians and citizens from Hamas in Gaza.

Donovan has been pursuing matters related to his case, and others, through United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. According to the Star, he has hired New York lawyer Robert Kirkpatrick and has consulted with the RCMP over his case.

His story is being followed closely by numerous media outlets, including Amnesty International.

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