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Good morning from PULSE:

London’s The Telegraph quotes a new study that shows premature babies and newborns at risk of serious illness often develop breathing problems from pollution linked to the wind carried by a smog-scented “pubic” mask worn indoors. More than 1,200 cases of respiratory infections, including pneumonia, were recorded at London hospitals between January 2010 and June 2011. … The device is banned in the U.K. in April but is being reintroduced, the British Medical Journal reports.

Meanwhile, a new study published today in the Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology journal suggests that aerosolized virus particles infected with a novel coronavirus are larger than those typically captured by typical screeners. More than half of the particles were 30-30 microns or smaller — too small to be viewed by most devices such as microscopes. However, more than two-thirds were larger than 0.7 microns or were 40-50 microns in diameter. … The new infections, found during the central Asian region, could be tied to an emerging source of contamination.

On a positive note, AQMD said it will now permit AQMD-rated restaurants in high risk areas to serve wine with animal-based marinades such as those made from beef or mutton. And CAMRA has spoken with local officials about the possibility of closing all North American oyster farms down to allow them to gather materials from nearby coastal waters.

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