Woman killed after car plunges into Niagara Falls car park

Police said the body of Sherry L. Pugh was pulled from a submerged vehicle near the brink of the famous waters’ edge

A woman pulled from a submerged car near the brink of the famous waters’ edge at Niagara Falls has died, police said.

Officials said the car “ended up at the bottom of the gorge” early on Friday as the young woman apparently tried to stop it from plunging into the river. Police said the car was still attached to the lead front wheel when it fell into the gorge.

Images of the vehicle appeared to show that the driver’s side window was completely shattered and firefighters had to pry open the door to reach the driver.

“In that very narrow hole that they found it in, you can’t get into a car that’s nearly fully submerged,” Niagara city fire chief Mike Hartwig told NBC 10 Philadelphia.

She will be buried after a special service on Sunday and will then be transported to Niagara Falls.

The pool that the Niagara falls falls on is in the lower Niagara gorge, which separates the Canadian city of Niagara Falls from the American side.

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